Accumulative Life Insurance Abroad

It is possible to recommend the program of accumulative insurance abroad for the below-stated reasons:

First, it is reliability. It is not a secret that to save money in the countries with unstable economic and political system is a very big risk. Investing money for long term, it is necessary to understand how stability is important that for this period in the country.  Namely, your money won’t depreciate, and the insurance company won’t lose the license and not to go out of business in the course of investment. It is possible to determine such country by special economic ratings. The rating shall be “A” or above.

Secondly, fees and payments shall be made in currency which is freely converted.

Thirdly, the western companies allow making your policy a liquid pledge for receipt of credits. It is very convenient, especially if you don’t want to risk such things as real estate or you have no that at all.

Fourthly, it is possibility of choice for how you will pay your sum after the termination the program. You will be able both to receive total sum of money at once and to charge the company to pay certain monthly interest to you. At this time the residual of your amount will be in turnover of the company, and you will get investment interest from it.

Fifthly, the European companies working usually in broad range of the countries will also be able to do payments if you will move to live to other country.

Therefore, we recommend considering attentively the choice of the insurance company. Pay attention to duration of period within which this company works at the market of insurance services.

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