Accumulative Life Insurance

Opening of the program of accumulative life insurance will allow you to save up and increase greatly money for tutoring, pension, and also to receive a constant insurance of your health. And, naturally, to insure the life for people depending on you financially (wives, children, parents, etc.) who will be able to receive compensation in case of your death. In the most remarkable case if everything is good with you, you will be able just to take away the investments with percent at the end of the term stated in your contract.

Life insurance is a primal problem of this program.

However accumulative life insurance insures not only life, but also your health and includes a special program of accumulation of your money.

The system of payments by such type of insurance is developed individually for you on the basis of common programs. After the contract conclusion every month you should make the stipulated monthly payment according to the particular scheme. The contract is signed for long term (from 5 to 25 years). In its turn, the insurance company undertakes to keep and increase greatly investments made by you.

Your contributions are divided in 2 parts. The first is an insurance of risks. Such contribution assumes payment of large compensation to you in case of insurable event. If such case does not come, money from this part of contribution remains in the company. The contract for this type of insurance can differ in time from a funded part. After the insurance risks termination you can prolong it.

The second part of your contribution is an accumulative insurance. Money on this account accumulates. The company carries out investment policy with money, i.e. uses for earnings. Share of earned percent from it are added to your accumulation.

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