How to receive payment for a life insurance

The insurance policy is a full financial protection against risk to remain without money in a difficult situation when you aren’t able to gain income and besides, money is necessary for recovery of lost health.

Opening the policy do not forget also about such important component as accumulation of money. They say that everything is good in time. When your health is strong any more, you’ll tell yourself many thanks for such gift on pension.

However it is important to know that payments for insurance won’t reduce your assets.

How to receive payment for your policy in case of insurance event.

First it is necessary to fill up the questionnaire and to write the application to an insurance company. It is necessary to attach documents which confirm insurance event occurrence.

All above stated needs to be sent as a letter by special delivery to the central office of the company in which you are insured.

After receipt of your application the insurance company is obliged within 14 days from the moment of receipt of your documents to transfer compensation to your account, which you specify in the statement, or bank transfer on your home address.

Very important point is that you don’t need to visit office of the company for receipt of payment. You can be in any point of your country.

The main office of insurance companies is often located in the capital; the exact address will be specified in your agreement and additional explanatory documents.

Therefore, summarizing everything mentioned before, it is possible to make a conclusion that policy of accumulative insurance will allow you to feel financial protection in any point of the country, at any time from the first fee and in the amount of the assets planned for long years.

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