What Is Policy Of Accumulative Life Insurance

The most important point of accumulative life insurance is a concept of mixed life insurance. It includes two risk elements. A lethal outcome for any reason of the insured subject and respectively, his survival until the end of the term of the insurance policy.

Think over this fact. In whatever way your destiny goes, the insurance company anyway will pay you compensation on a pole.

Thus, if you create the assets by means of accumulative life insurance you or your relatives will have financial accumulations irrespective of you lived till the termination of accumulating or you “left” earlier.

It should be noted that this point (the mixed life insurance) is obligatory for any program of accumulative life insurance the others are additional and not obligatory elements.

“Death of the insured subject”. What is it and why it is necessary to insure it in addition? The answer is simple. In the main program we have “accidental death”, “death under any circumstances” is insured here. It means that in case it happens, your relatives will receive two compensations on each of the given cases.

Pay the attention that the policy without additional options won’t protect you in cases, for example, of a leg fracture or a car accident. It will have functions only of capital accumulation and payments to relatives as a result of death occurrence of the insured person. However you will have the minimum insurance fee on it.

Therefore, try to arrange the policy so that to have maximum protection for the longest term and an insurance payment, feasible for you, so it didn’t become a burden for your family.

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