Policy Release And Its Acceptance By Client

After signing documents by you on accumulative insurance policy the company begins its release. You will be suggested to sign the application and to pay the first fee.

It will about a month for release of policy by the company. The insurer will analyze your application and especially thoroughly check its medical component. After identification of all risks, the policy passes a release stage.

It is worth noticing that the person who paid the first fee, starts being under financial protection since midnight of signing day next to the payment day.

Then there is a moment of policy acceptance by the client. It is one of important points of the deal. Without your party the deal can’t be completed. After consideration by insurance company extra charge can be imposed on the cost and some points can be excluded. In other words the company cannot take the responsibility for some initially specified options.

After receipt of such document, you shall take the decision. If the offered option does not suit you, you have the right to refuse the conclusion of final agreement. At that the insurance company is obliged to return you the first policy fee and to stop its action.

If everything is good, having delivered the signature in a special receipt, you become under protection of policy.

Finally, I want to answer often asked question. What if there are no the offices to open such insurance policy in your city or township?

Don’t give up! The accumulative life insurance policy can be opened via the Internet having asked all interesting questions about the round-the-clock telephone customer support or in system of electronic communication. Thus documents will be delivered to you by mail and messenger service. In future you will be able to pay for it through the Internet portal.

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