No Death In Life Insurance!

People quite often have very much negative attitude to accumulative life insurance. As though it is already time to prepare for death.

That’s not true at all. Of course, the most favorable outcome for person is to live up till the termination of an insurance policy and to [...]

What Is Policy Of Accumulative Life Insurance

The most important point of accumulative life insurance is a concept of mixed life insurance. It includes two risk elements. A lethal outcome for any reason of the insured subject and respectively, his survival until the end of the term of the insurance policy.

Think over this fact. [...]

Accumulative Life Insurance

Opening of the program of accumulative life insurance will allow you to save up and increase greatly money for tutoring, pension, and also to receive a constant insurance of your health. And, naturally, to insure the life for people depending on you financially (wives, children, parents, etc.) who will be able to receive [...]