While You Are Young

The most valuable for every person is health. But, often we remember it when we face serious diseases. And then we think what we could make before not to fell ill? Often we the answer to such question at once find because it is clear.

The same happens to finance. While everything is good we don’t think of possible situations. And in vain! Life is very unpredictable.

There was an announcement at one service station: “Repair of second-hand cars of five years old is made with a markup of 10 percent, five years old and more – with a markup of 20 percent”. It isn’t surprising at all, after all the more passes time, the more is car is worn.

The same happens to insurance! The older you are, the more problems with health are noted in you medical card, and the cost of an insurance will be higher. Think, whether it is necessary for you or it is worth being insured earlier?

It’s quite simple. While you are young and healthy the cost of insurance will be not high. Your cost of insurance remains the same in twenty and in thirty years when real health hazards are possible.

The older you become the more expensive becomes accumulative insurance.

In youth it is possible to accumulate capital gradually, saving small money. But the older we are the less time we have and the sums which we have to pay to the insurance account increase in direct ratio to your years.

As on a runway of airport: the shorter it is, the quicker need to fly up, the higher speed needs to be gathered on each meter. In youth at the very beginning of this runway we have an opportunity quietly and regularly gather the necessary speed (to accumulate the necessary sum).

Therefore, after the termination of labor activity, we doom ourselves to sad existence. Let’s respect ourselves and do not admit it!

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