Accumulative Life Insurance Policy Options

Let’s consider some additional options which you can include or not include in the policy.

Very important option is “Disability from accident”. In this case, the person becomes not protected and often is not able to earn money. Therefore, when this case comes and if such option is available in your insurance policy, you will be completely exempted from any fees and receive insurance payment for recovery of health.

This option has rather high cost as according to the statistics such insured event happens more often than death.

It is necessary to say that you should include such option in the policy, because if you lose a capability to earn, you cannot have means of livelihood.

Additions to this option are “Temporary disability after accident”. After accident has happened person often long time has no opportunity to earn therefore the financial support from an insurance company will be the extremely important.

“Body injury as a result of accident”. Besides the above-stated situations you can get injuries which require additional resources.

“Hospitalization as a result of accident”. Here, I think everything is clear. In this case funds for hospitalization will be necessary for you. It will be very pertinent if they are compensated for you with  policy.

“An exemption of fees after accident”. Very important option because if person isn’t able to earn, he does not have money for payment policy fee.

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