Year, Quarter Or Single?

You can choose some options the next payment for insurance policy: annually, one time per half a year, quarterly and direct payment.

The most profitable payment option is one time a year. In case of payment one time per half a year, the extra charge with coefficient of [...]

Cancelation Of Accumulative Insurance Agreement

For various reasons the person can have a wish to terminate the accumulative insurance agreement.

Worth to notice that it is an extreme step as there are many mechanisms allowing to reduce fees or even to stop paying them without terminating agreements.

Most [...]

No Death In Life Insurance!

People quite often have very much negative attitude to accumulative life insurance. As though it is already time to prepare for death.

That’s not true at all. Of course, the most favorable outcome for person is to live up till the termination of an insurance policy and to [...]

Plasticine policy

You already know that you have the right to change filling accumulative insurance policy. Let’s consider everything one by one.

In the policy for the term of its accumulating, it is possible to change everything, except the personality on whom it is opened and its type. Therefore we [...]

Insurance Payments And Market Trust

One of the most important criteria by which you will be guided for your choice of an insurance company is a final statistics of insurance payments and responses of your acquaintances about them.

Naturally, deducting every month the earned money which you could spend for acquisition of pleasant [...]

Rating Of Insurance Companies Reliability. Risks Reinsurance

The rating of company reliability is an independent assessment of activities of insurance company. It is a serious indicator as both prospective clients, and partners look at it, estimating, whether it is worth dealing with this company.

This assessment is calculated from financial performance and ratio of available [...]

Life Insurance: Where Are The Guarantees?

I think, opening the policy of accumulative life insurance, everyone will ask a question: “What guarantees the insurance company can give to me? Will fulfill the liabilities?”

It is a quite clear and lawful question. Answering it, let’s consider an example. Let’s suppose you decided to rent a [...]

What Is Indexation?

Let’s for a minute we will distract from a subject of insurance and imagine the person who postpones assets on deposit account. It is not a secret that in some time his assets can “fall in price” considerably as a result of inflation. Respectively, in order the purchasing cost of these notes remained [...]

What Is Policy Of Accumulative Life Insurance

The most important point of accumulative life insurance is a concept of mixed life insurance. It includes two risk elements. A lethal outcome for any reason of the insured subject and respectively, his survival until the end of the term of the insurance policy.

Think over this fact. [...]

How to receive payment for a life insurance

The insurance policy is a full financial protection against risk to remain without money in a difficult situation when you aren’t able to gain income and besides, money is necessary for recovery of lost health.

Opening the policy do not forget also about such important component as accumulation [...]