Life Insurance Special Appeal

People periodically make a mistake, comparing life insurance with such instruments of investment as bank deposit, etc.

However there is a big peculiarity that distinguishes this type of financial accumulating from others. Some circumstances are very important.

1. The initial insurance premium already [...]

Pension Plans Of insurance Companies

Pension accumulative insurance can becomes actual for you if to you are 20 – 40 years old. It means you have time for money accumulating.

The choice of program duration depends on time which is available for you and decision in what age you would like to retire.


Accumulative Insurance Or Bank Deposit?

It is worth noticing that programs of bank deposits and accumulative insurance have the advantages, nuances and some demerits.

Everyone will decide for himself, but let’s weigh all pros and cons, what to make the correct and profitable decision.

So, bank deposit. The [...]

Accumulative Life Insurance Abroad

It is possible to recommend the program of accumulative insurance abroad for the below-stated reasons:

First, it is reliability. It is not a secret that to save money in the countries with unstable economic and political system is a very big risk. Investing money for long term, it [...]

Who Needs Life Insurance?

The program of life insurance first of all is necessary for the main supporters of family, i.e. your income is higher than 60% of total income of your family.

Why?It’s quite simple! Imagine that your child got sick. At that you work, so your income will cover costs [...]

Accumulative Life Insurance

Opening of the program of accumulative life insurance will allow you to save up and increase greatly money for tutoring, pension, and also to receive a constant insurance of your health. And, naturally, to insure the life for people depending on you financially (wives, children, parents, etc.) who will be able to receive [...]

Life Insurance: A New Idea!

The term “life insurance” is popular today. This type of insurance is natural like a mobile phone in our pocket. It is normal to have two and three such policies.

Policies of life insurance include two functions: accumulation of money and insurance. In other words it is a universal financial and [...]