Plasticine policy

You already know that you have the right to change filling   accumulative insurance policy. Let’s consider everything one by one.

In the policy for the term of its accumulating, it is possible to change everything, except the personality on whom it is opened and its type. Therefore we also called the article “Plasticine Policy”. It changes depending on your needs on different stages of your life. After all it is rather a long-term document and during the conclusion of such agreements you can’t know, what difficulties and requirements you will have, for example, in 5 years.

So what it is possible to change.

The first is not a financial component. Namely: address, phone, place of employment and other similar nuances. For this purpose it is necessary to fill in the corresponding form and to send it in the letter by a special mail delivery to the main office of the insurance company.

In the same way you can always change the beneficiary.

The second is a financial part. You can change insurance fees: to make them smaller by cancellation or bigger by cancellation or adding the corresponding options, and also increase or reduce the term of insurance.

And it is possible to raise it up to the infinite value, but to reduce just to the value of the minimum fee.

All manipulations are carried out by transfer of your special application in the letter by special delivery to the main office of the company.

So, how you can regulate its cost:

- increase/reduction of options quantity;

- increase/reduction of insurance term;

- change of payment frequency;

- indexation entry.

As you can see policy is a very flexible tool. At any time you may reduce or increase payments for it. It gives the chance to be confident in case of conclusion of primary contract with the insurer.

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