What Is Accident?

It is very important to deal with concept of accident which involves an insurance indemnity.

Let’s consider the concept of accident that stated in the agreement.

Accident is the unexpected nondurable event directed from outside which entailed violation of normal body functioning (internal or external) or a fatal outcome of the insured person. It is not a result of a disease or medical error. The event, which occurred during action of this agreement of insurance, does not depend on a will of the insured person or beneficiary on insurance policy.

Let’s consider one by one.

“Unexpected nondurable event”. That is event occurred suddenly and quickly. The sudden event lasts not long (for example, a shot).

Besides, this is outside event. Respectively, the burst vessel of a brain cannot be considered as an accident.

Accident is also an event which surely entailed corporal damage of the victim. Naturally, it is impossible to call so a stolen purse.

“Not dependent on a will of the victim or the beneficiary”.  It means that if the insured person hurts himself it will be considered as self-mutilation, but not an accident.

All above stated means that the insurer will trace the fact of accident, payments under this article won’t be carried out in case of an intended damage to health or event not connected with accident.

The everyday component of this payment type lies in thefact that in case of happened accident the person does not an opportunity to work. Having the insurance the injured person will have money for treatment and recovery of health.

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