Who Needs Life Insurance?

The program of life insurance first of all is necessary for the main supporters of family, i.e. your income is higher than 60% of total income of your family.

Why?It’s quite simple! Imagine that your child got sick. At that you work, so your income will cover costs for treatment and the maintenance of your family during this period. And now imagine that you are seriously sick. Your little children and other family members do not have rather paid work will not be able to earn funds for your treatment and their livelihood.

The second case: if you decided to save up funds, for example, for tutoring of the children or wedding.

Often we have no serious financial savings and at approach of the moments requiring serious expenses have to refuse from them or take the credits difficult for payment. Therefore, it is quite logical to accumulate funds beforehand for future probable expenses.

Third case is of course our pension. We stopped trusting a state program of pension insurance long ago. Now everyone knows about such negative factors as increase of retirement age, minimum pensions sometimes impossible for life, provided by our state. Therefore, you will agree it is not bad to save up money allowing you to live adequately and not to lose the status indeclining age.

The fourth case: if it is difficult for you to save money independently and you are not able to invest them.

The fifth case when guarantees are necessary for you that your money will not decrease, but increased greatly by the end of accumulative term.

If you think you belong to one of these cases, accumulative life insurance is for you.

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