Year, Quarter Or Single?

You can choose some options the next payment for insurance policy: annually, one time per half a year, quarterly and direct payment.

The most profitable payment option is one time a year. In case of payment one time per half a year, the extra charge with coefficient of 3,2% will be made, in case of the quarterly payment is 5,4% of annual fee value.

For example, if my fee constitutes 100 000 in a year, once a year I will pay 100 000, in case of payment for half a year 103 260, in case of payment quarterly in a year will be 105 440. In other words, disadvantage is obvious to pay another way, than once a year.

It occurs based on that an insurance company gives the credit to the client as the amount of services doesn’t decrease in case of payment by installments.

On the other hand, it is very conveniently to pay once a year just because there is no need to spend excess time for payment. You should resort to change your payments scheme just at the extreme cases.

It is necessary to say about one more scheme of payment by one large payment or it is called a single. It is a complicated but the most profitable fee type.

Your finance is invested from the first day, and, therefore, interest on capital starts to be charged to you. You gain a maximum profit from the investments! It is Interesting that your money is liquid. If desired you may cancel the insurance contract and to get your money back together with an investment revenue.

Of course, such payment type is possible only if you have a large amount for such payment.

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